Attention, Social meaning and time perception

Social meaning is known to influence subjective time. A study by NAOP members, Prof. N. Srinivasan, Dr. S. Tewari and Mr. M Makwana along with Prof. Hopkins., in the context of Magh Mela provided a direct evidence for the role of attention in mediating this effect. When 84 male Hindu pilgrims attending the Kumbh Mela listened to an ambiguous sound clip (20sec) and reproduced its duration. The reproductions were longer in the Mela labeled condition compared to City labeled condition only when they were performing a single task. But when attention was diverted with the additional secondary pair cancellation task, the effect of social meaning vanished, suggesting that attention is necessary for mediating the effect of social meaning on duration perception.


Citation: Srinivasan, N., Tewari, S., Makwana, M., & Hopkins, N. P. (2015). Attention Mediates the Effect of Context-Relevant Social. Timing & Time Perception, 3(3-4), 189-200.