Book titled "The Multilingual Reality" published by Professor Mohanty

Book cover

The Multilingual Reality: Living with Languages

This book is a multidisciplinary analysis of the meaning and dynamics of multilingualism from the perspectives of multilingual communities in the margins. Its comparative analysis of language-in-education policies and applications of multilingual education in diverse contexts shows some promises and challenges in the education of the tribal and linguistic minority children. The book also has social psychological analyses of the processes of language contact, marginalisation and revitalisation of languages.

The book was formally launched in Hyderabad, India by the Publishers in presence of the Series Editor Professor Tove Skutnabb-Kangas. Professor Robert Phillipson, Professor, Copenhagen Business School and known for his influential work Linguistic Imperialism and Professor D. P. Pattanayak, Padmashree and Founder Director of the Central Institute of Indian Languages will also be present on the occasion.


Some Comments on the book (from the back cover Blurbs)

Joseph Lo Bianco, The University of Melbourne, Australia

This remarkable and important volume stands in stark contrast to reductive, partial or tendentious accounts of language in society and education. Mohanty’s book is a tour de force. It will stand the test of time due to its ability to comprehend and critique injustice and inequality without losing sight of the cultural richness, intellectual depth and sheer marvel at the ingenuity that languages represent.

Carol Benson, Columbia University, USA

Highly respected and beloved Professor Ajit Mohanty has worked tirelessly so that children and teachers in multilingual contexts can learn and teach in their strongest languages. This inspiring book represents a wealth of experience and provides both theoretical and practical guidance on developing appropriate policy and practice in multilingual education.

Robert Phillipson, Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Ajit Mohanty’s meticulous book demonstrates why all countries can learn from the Indian experience. It reveals how educational language policy can serve the interests of the marginalised, and not merely the privileged. It is the missing link to Amartya Sen’s books on ensuring greater social justice, with English in appropriate perspective.

Mohanty, A.K. (2019). The Multilingual Reality: Living with Languages.Multilingual Matters: Bristol, UK/Blue Ridge Summit,PA, USA.[withForeword by Jim Cummins, University of Toronto & Afterword by E. Annamalai, former Director, CIIL, Mysore & now at the University of Chicago] Amazon link