Media Announcement: Statement on IMA President's Remark

The National Academy of Psychology (NAoP) takes strong exception to Indian Medical Association President Dr Rajan Sharma's statement that "IMA welcomes formation of paramedical council/ Allied health professionals council to regulate standards of education of paramedical courses and for maintenance of registry for qualified paramedical personal. But IMA is definitely against allowing paramedical personals like… Clinical psychologist, speech therapists etc. being given independent authority to practice their own area without doctor's supervision” (sic). This statement was reportedly made while delivering Presidential Address at IMA's National Annual Conference in Kolkata during 27th-28th December, 2019.

We would like to point out that the medical doctors are neither trained nor experienced to teach and supervise psychologists. Moreover, psychology is an independent discipline with applications in numerous areas of life. In fact, it is the doctors who should require psychologists’ supervision while dealing with matters of mental health.

Regarding Allied and Healthcare Professions Bill, 2018, we reiterate our stand that it is not a suitable legislation to regulate the discipline of psychology. It provides inadequate representation to psychologists and undermines the independence of the profession. For the benefit of the professionals and the public, our demand has always been the establishment of an independent, statutory National Psychology Council to oversee and regulate the education, training and practice of psychology in India.