Call for Nominations for Editor of Psychological Studies

 Nominations are invited including self nomination for the appointment of Editor, Psychological Studies for a period of five years. The qualifications and procedure are given below. 

(i)              Qualification of the Editor

  1. 10 years experience of teaching and/or Research.
  2. Experience as Editor/Associate Editor/Consulting Editor of journal(s) of repute in Psychology and Experience as author /editor / co-editor of book(s).
  3. Experience of quality publications in refereed journal.
  4. Efficiency in IT/ computer to handle on- line submission and editorial work.
  5. The new editor will be appointed by the early March, 2020 for a term of three years with proviso of extension / the second term.


(ii)            Procedure for nomination

  1. Only those are eligible to nominate who have academic (teaching &or research) experience of five years and have published at least 5 research in refereed journals of psychology. One page bio-data of the nominator should be submitted.
  2. Consent of the nominee with a statement that he/she would give required time, say 4-5 hours per week.
  3. Nomination must be submitted by e-mail to the Prof. Girishwar Misra, chairman , Publication Committee latest by February 20, 2020 with the following attachments:
    1. A letter
    2. Detail of the Nominee


Address, e-mail, Mobile No.

Present/Past (in case of superannuated) Position

  1. List of Publication (not more than 10 journal articles)
  2. Experience of editorial work (journal /Book/edited book)
  3. Consent letter with a statement to give time as stated above.
  4. One page bio-data of the person nominating.
  5. The publications Committee shall function as a Search Committee and identify and contact scholars suited for the position and consider all possible names (nominated/self nominated/identified by the Committee) prior to a final decision.
  6. Members of the Committee are not eligible.

(iii)           Facilities

NAOP’s Executive Council may decide to provide part time office assistant and/or technical support.


(iv) Mission

The editor of Psychological Studies is a important academic leadership position with opportunity to steer the directions and future of Psychology in India. The mission of the journal as started by Professor Girishwar Misra is: “… for the promotion of an inclusive and culturally relevant scientific psychology” (Editorial, Psychological Studies, March 2009, 54, 1).


The new editor will constitute a team of associate and consulting editors to advance the mission of the journal.


Professor Girishwar Misra

Chairman, Publication Committee, NAOP