Special Issue on Psychology of Uncertainty and Vulnerabilities: COVID-19 Pandemic Related Crisis

To be published in Psychological Studies, Official journal of NAOP.

Guest Editors:
Tholene Sodi, Professor, University of Limpopo, Sovenga, South Africa; e-mail: 
Buxin Han, Professor, CAS Key Lab of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Beijing, China; e-mail:

The unfolding Covid-19 pandemic has become a serious crisis and health emergency that has significantly disrupted all aspects of economic, social and private life globally. Its catastrophic impact has triggered high levels of psychological uncertainty and related mental health challenges for individuals, families and communities. Marginalised and vulnerable groups all over the world have been hardest hit by the pandemic. In light of this ravaging health emergency, Psychological Studies invites papers for a Special Issue on “Psychology of Uncertainty and Vulnerabilities: Pandemic Related Crisis.” The Journal welcomes papers that focus on psychological vulnerabilities and associated responses to Covid-19 pandemic and other health emergencies from all regions. Authors from BRICS countries and the Global South are particularly encouraged to submit their manuscripts. The papers may focus on one or more of the following topics:

•    Meanings attached to Covid-19 pandemic and other health emergencies;
•    Short- and long-term psychological impact of the pandemic;
•    Risk factors that may exacerbate vulnerabilities and related mental health problems;
•    Psychological reactions and processes triggered by these vulnerabilities;
•    Psychological and socio-cultural resilience factors that might help to mitigate against the impact of the pandemic; 
•    Individual, collective and state responses to deal with the pandemic and its psychological impact; and, 
•    Various forms of interventions psychologists and other mental health professionals can provide. 

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