1. To promote quality of teaching and training for research in psychology and to foster training for   growth of psychology as a science as well as profession.
  2. To arrange for publication of one or more journals, with a view to publishing psychological researches carried out in this country and abroad, of such a standard that is comparable to any prestigious journal of Psychology.
  3. To encourage holding of regional and national meetings of active committed psychologists with a view to promoting critical discussions on psychological issues of local and/or national relevance.
  4. To establish and maintain liaison with state as well Central Governments, industrial organizations and other institutes and Departments with a view to enhancing employment and other service opportunities for psychologists and to be actively involved in the applied aspects of Psychology.
  5. To endeavor for the establishment of a National Council of Psychological Research and Training for promoting the growth, and safeguarding the interests of Psychology in India.
  6. To establish and maintain liaison and cooperate with national as well as international Associations in matters of academic as well as professional matters.
  7. To identify and honor psychologists for their outstanding contributions to psychological research and/or professional effectiveness and to invite them to serve as fellows of the Academy.
  8. To endeavor for high ethical standards in teaching, research and professional services.
  9. To carry out such other functions as may be deemed necessary from time to time by the members of the Academy.