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Techniques of Neutralization in Narratives of Addicted Gamers

Nadine Jukschat

Psychological Studies. Published in June 2021

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BOOK published in 2021

Multiple Perspectives

Tanusree Dutta and Manas Kumar Mandal

NAOP fellow, Manas Kumar Mandal along with Tanusree Dutta edited a volume on consumer happiness; aggregating a variety of perspectives on this important topic.

ISBN 978-981-33-6373-1 ISBN 978-981-33-6374-8 (eBook)

We are ‘BUYING’ our way to happiness. If we are buying our way to happiness, then it is important to identify the factors of happiness. Does happiness of a consumer reside in product disposability, i.e. being able to buy a product, use it and dispose it without liability or is it durability. Is a consumer happy because of the product experience or product quality? Do advertisements have to address the consumers mind or mindset to generate positive experience? Are consumers happy with product information (cognitive) or product experience (emotion)? Searching an answer for such and other questions in the quest to consumer happiness forms the content of this book. View on SpringerLink.com

BOOK published in 2020

Living with Languages

Ajit Mohanty

ISBN 978-981-33-6373-1 ISBN 978-981-33-6374-8 (eBook)

Written by NAOP fellow, Professor Ajit Mohanty, this book is a multidisciplinary analysis of the meaning and dynamics of multilingualism from the perspectives of multilingual communities in the margins. Its comparative analysis of language-in-education policies and applications of multilingual education in diverse contexts shows some promises and challenges in the education of minority children.

BOOK published in 2017

Adolescence in Urban India

Shagufa Kapadia

ISBN 978-981-33-6373-1 ISBN 978-981-33-6374-8 (eBook)

Senior NAOP member, Shagufa Kapadia offers a culturally and contextually grounded understanding of adolescence in urban India. It presents indigenous frameworks of parenting adolescents and the
parent-adolescent relationship, derived from the perspectives of both adolescents and parents. The book illustrates the nature and process of parent-adolescent disagreements in the changing Indian society.

View on Springerlink.com