1. To promote quality of teaching and training for research in psychology and to foster training for   growth of psychology as a science as well as profession. 

2. To arrange for publication of one or more journals, with a view to publishing psychological researches carried out in this country and abroad, of such a standard that is comparable to any prestigious journal of Psychology.

3. To encourage holding of regional and national meetings of active committed psychologists with a view to promoting critical discussions on psychological issues of local and/or national relevance. 

4. To establish and maintain liaison with state as well Central Governments, industrial organizations and other institutes and Departments with a view to enhancing employment and other service opportunities for psychologists and to be actively involved in the applied aspects of Psychology.

5. To endeavor for the establishment of a National Council of Psychological Research and Training for promoting the growth, and safeguarding the interests of Psychology in India .

6. To establish and maintain liaison and cooperate with national as well as international Associations in matters of academic as well as professional matters.

7. To identify and honor psychologists for their outstanding contributions to psychological research and/or professional effectiveness and to invite them to serve as fellows of the Academy.

8. To endeavor for high ethical standards in teaching, research and professional services.

9. To carry out such other functions as may be deemed necessary from time to time by the members of the Academy.


The idea of National academy of Psychology (NAOP) was discussed in a gathering of some young and some senior psychologists attending a national Seminars on Applied Social Psychology in India organized by Professor Girishwar Misra at Bhopal University, Bhopal in central India in 1985 and 1987. The scholars discussed a common objective of setting up a good professional organization which can provide a national forum and fulfill the need for serious scholars commited to the growth of psychology in India. It was realized very intensively that professional associations and organizations are vehcles which transport the ideas, professional collaborations, and blending of minds. The NAOP (INDIA) was visualized to proide a forum of for exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge among psychologists working in various academic and applied fields all over India.

The NAOP seeks to promote the application and quality of teaching and research taking place within the field of psychology and also to promote multidisciplinary work for the betterment of quality of life of the citizens of India. Taking these considerations in view the group at Bhopal signed a commitment on February 11, 1987 and entrusted Professor L.B. tripathi with the responsibility of drafting a constitution to give a concrete shape to the proposed organization which was to avoid the traditional pattern of membership and elected office bearers. The Statutes drafted by Professor L.B. Tripathi discussed , modified and adapted in a meeting at the IIT Kanpur on February 24, 1989 and the NAOP was born.

It was decided to have a system of membership by invitation and to replace the executive body consisting of President, Secretary etc. by a small working committee with a Convener. The first annual convention of the NAOP was held on 7th and 8th February 1990 at Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. After some deliberation it was decided to register it as a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 with the accepted Constitution. The NAOP was duly registered at Bhubneshwar bearing the No. 2939 188 of 1990-91 on July 31, 1990 .

In year 2000, the NAOP decided to adopt the publication of Psychological Studies, a Journal started by late Professor B. Krishnan about five decades back. After negotiating with Prof. M.A. Faroqui, its Editor, the NAOP has assumed its publication from the year 2000. Prof. G. Misra became the Editor of the journal.

NAOP constitution was modified in 2014. NAOP has grown in the last two decades and continues to serve Psychology in India.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises of the President, secretary general, treasurer, past-preseident and EC members-at-large. See the latest list of NAOP office bearers and EC members.


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Awards & Awardees


NAOP awards the professional and individual achievements of psychologists in India and internationally in the following categories: Fellows, Foreign Fellows, Young Psychologist and Distinguished Psychologist of the Academy. Additionally, NAOP also recognizes emerging psychologists in the field.

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